By Kyle Jones | January 6, 2017


Dream Vacation:

Tree house bungalows in New Zealand

Celeb Crush:

Chris Pratt

What would be your superpower:

Superhuman Strength


Who would play you in a movie:

Zooey Deschanel


I could watch a TV marathon of:

Grey’s Anatomy, New Girl, and Criminal Minds


Most Embarrassing Moment:

Falling in the middle of a kick during the final round of an NFL audition…whoops!


Guilty Pleasure:



Who is your Role Model and why?:

My mom, she has taught me how to be a strong and independent woman.


When I’m not dancing I am riding my horse or doing crossfit


Deal Breaker: 

Flip flops with jeans


Favorite Quote:

“Great things never came from comfort zones”


Word of advice:

Don’t be afraid to BE YOU! Transparency is one of the most profitable traits to have.