By Kyle Jones | January 6, 2017


Dream Vacation:

It would either be Iceland or France. I want to see the northern lights, but I also want an excuse to practice my French.


Celeb Crush:

James Franco.


What would be your superpower:



Who would play you in a movie:

Jennifer Aniston.


I could watch a TV marathon of:

Grey’s Anatomy or Dexter, depending on the day.


Most Embarrassing Moment:

When my mom forgot my painting for my show and tell, so I had to present my Polly Pocket instead.


Guilty Pleasure:

El Pollo Loco’s Mac & Cheese.


Who is your Role Model and why?

One of my old dance instructors, Madeline Feldman. She is unbelievably hard-working and has started her own dance company at such a young age.



Dancing. Coffee. Sleeping.


Deal Breaker:



Favorite Quote:

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, “I’m possible.” –Audrey Hepburn


Word of advice:

Don’t be afraid to be confident on yourself. You’re the only person you need to impress.